Meet The Board

" The opposite of poverty is opportunity, I want every kid to feel as rich as I did when I was growing up... youth opportunities make you rich for your entire life!"

Victoria Lipscomb:

Singer/Songwriter, President of Shine Nation Inc.

One of the leading musical talents of the Pikes Peak region, Victoria, is the Director of Music at First Baptist Church of Colorado Springs and Conductor of Colorado Springs Children's Chorale Pikes Peak Singers. As Owner and Lead Engineer of Lyricks Lounge Recording Studio and lead singer of the Indie Soul band Kopesetik Soul, she is an inspirational force behind Shine Nation.

Alana Mitchell:

Secretary for Shine Nation Inc.

As a Business Administration major at Pikes Peak Community College Alana is a Student Government Senator, serves as Campus Representative and Secretary for the State Student Advisory Council and is also the Vice president of Multicultural Student Union. Alana feels blessed to serve on a board that is so committed to building a better world through involving todays youth and Nations future in the arts and is working hard to ensure that Shine nations future is a bright one.

Laura Gross:

Shine Nation Inc. Treasurer,

While my background is not overtly in the arts I did grow up in a school system with a comprehensive arts program. I dabbled in ceramics, metallurgy, wood working, and various performing choral groups. My goal is to ensure Shine Nation is on firm financial footing as it brings music and the arts to a rising generation of musical artists.

Abe Minzer:

Piano, Director, Shine Nation Inc. Founder,

In 2015, Abe Minzer founded Shine Nation, Inc. When starting Shine Nation, Abe has felt that communities need more organizations that build character and empower youth through their participation in the arts. Pianist Abe Minzer performs along with many top musicians of the Pikes Peak region, and also hosts renowned visiting artists on the national and international scene.